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Yours Truly EP

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The “Yours Truly” EP has a wide mix of familiar sounds inspired, but not limited to: Drake, Ozuna and the Chainsmokers giving us a feeling of the summertime South Beach clubs to theurban inner city vibes of NYC. The live instruments enrich the production, which leads to an overall powerful experience. With the collaboration of multiple producers such as Elias Gonzalez (Handy Man) from Chile, Jeroen Russchen from The Netherlands, Dee M Fabre, Jahzeel Montes, and Juan Mora from New York, Jae Cashtro was able to create an American Latin pop fusion sound.
  • luzdeleon2611
    I love Jae Cashtro's music!! This album is awesome!! Buy Buy Buy!!!!
    2 years ago
  • joetaveras7
    Every song on this album is enjoyable and sounds better than most of the music out right now. Buy it if you want to hear some amazing American Latin Pop, inspired by rnb and various genres. STR8
    2 years ago

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