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Catta Zoom, the third cinema lens from DZOFilm following the Super 35 zoom lens "Pictor Zoom" and the full frame prime lens "Vespid Prime", is a full frame compatible zoom lens.

The product name Catta Zoom is derived from the ring-tailed lemur (scientific name: Lemur Catta). This monkey is very agile and has a habit of not losing curiosity about the environment. As the name suggests, Catta Zoom is compact and light, making it ideal for carrying around.

With more and more photographers adopting the full frame format in a variety of works, Catta Zoom meets the market demand for images and satisfies larger format cameras like the latest RED V-raptor 8K.

■ Both high durability and light weight
The 35mm-80mm T / 2.9 weighs only 1.53kg, and the 70mm-135mm T / 2.9 weighs less than 1.6kg. In order to achieve this weight reduction, polycarbonate and glass fiber, which are both lightweight and durable, are used for the shell part. The accurate perfocal design makes it ideal for shooting live shows, filmmaking, vehicle photography, documentaries and many other genres. You can easily handle scenes with a lot of movement. Gimbals such as the DJI RS 2 and Zhiyun Crane 3S are also available.

■ Beautiful round bokeh and fine details
The 16 blades and the aperture range of T2.9 to T22 realize smooth rounded bokeh. Since there is no so-called F drop, more natural zooming is possible. Furthermore, the shortest focusing distance is 0.74m for the 35-80mm model and 0.76m for the 70-135mm model, allowing you to clearly shoot details and features from closer to the subject.

■ Full-scale color reproducibility
Catta Zoom, which was developed with the three pillars of "natural, original, and real" as the design concept, records realistic scenes and is particular about faithful color reproducibility. Color grading in post production is at your disposal.

■ Improvement of breathing

Focus breathing (angle of view fluctuation due to focus operation) was minimized even with the DZOFilm cinema lenses released so far, but focus breathing is hardly seen with this Catta Zoom. Even if the focus is changed within the same cut, the angle of view does not always change, enabling more natural shooting.

■ Innovative design that allows you to use two filters at the same time
In addition to the 77mm diameter removable front filter, Catta Zoom has a drop-in rear filter. I have adopted it. ND / UV / streak / mist filters are provided on the rear, and you can freely replace them for shooting.

■ Design and design with a focus on user experience
Catta Zoom is a unified standard for cinema grade lenses. Fully compliant with. The manual focus ring has a rotation range of 270 degrees, providing the user with a smooth operation feeling.

In addition, the 35-80mm T / 2.9 and 70-135mm T / 2.9 lenses both have the same mechanical and optical structure, and can be operated without discomfort even if the lenses are replaced.

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